my skill
my ability  and proverb person say talend it is nonsense , my ability m a  attempted and fighting always spirits abstinence for tell say if because of that  person character lazy ,this world not there is no possible. life is fighting the refore liffe ability  mus be trained  always every day  studying and learnd always on.

alaway  what  taht fough will  produce the best for me  leter. always sure , because life this full mean impossible easy forward because life of god that must enjoy , with severity life set firm.

I want continue  education because  in my  father , that cause  from on unemployed .  I,m so continue  education  that all cause  my  father .and much  power in general  from this all.  When  not  couse my father possible I not continue education again.  I  actually  want  go into direction agro bisnis  and that choise number 1. And choise 2 is  direction economics and selection  is 3 . direction  education economics .
I shock ,and  not appropriate  with I,m expect .  I  expect number selection number  1 , what may make  I walk  on selection number 3 education economics .that only one who passed a batween three selection direction.

Everythingbegin ofwishreacha certain thebest fo me reach a certain not easyand needtrede ,fight , everything mienbe become the best for me and make my father very very hapy. Trip life me every day some time humdrum andnot have me did that i s very very boring .