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Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

On this good occasion let us praise the presence of Allah SWT which has given us the pleasure and hidayah to us so we can gather in good health today.

Contents of Speech:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The speech I will convey this time explains the economics of community livelihoods that must be tackled by government and community cooperation. Allah SWT is very loving people take advantage of life well, sharing, and frugality. So let us begin the cooperation between the people and the government how to prosper our perceived economy and the enterprising spirit to work for the sustainability of prosperous and prosperous society.

Ladies and gentlemen,
This includes the future prosperity and welfare of the people, which must be equitable.

By teaching children to save money, it is hoped that they can be independent and accustomed to overcoming things that are difficult to resolve, as we know teaching children that savi…
      Business planning

In planning there are several stages in my system. There are many plans if without capital inflexibility.1. opened a capital bung shop of about 100,000,000 million2 open the hydro cafe. With an atmosphere close to alam.modal about 1M3. open a tree house cafe. The capital is about 100,000,000 miles4. open the glass ruamah. With natural nuances as well. 1M1. kenpa reason i want to open a flower shop karna let me man, i also like flowers, flowers that i.suka is red roses. The flower is identical with many kinds of relationships, such as flowers conveyed to his girlfriend. To the person in love, and also identical to the religion as well. A possible burial cemetery, lamabang grief can also, etc.2. the reason I want to open a cafe hidro, which is a cafe that benuaansa in the city, a lot of plants flower pots in the cafe flower nuances and plants, can make saturated sense of saturation .. on someone else bored, with akurium satisfaction, with a unique lamp Custome…

How To Make Milk


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